Heritage Walnut
Heritage Walnut
English Walnut (Juglans Regia), is a family member of the thin shelled walnuts of the world. Although there are many sub-species, including French, Turkish, and Circassian, all are quite similar and ideally suited for use as gunstocks. California English is grown for the nuts we see during the holiday season, and later harvested for the wood. Almost all fine firearms in the world are stocked with this material. It is, in the better grades, second to none in strength for weight, workability and stability. It inlets, finishes and checkers very well. English is the king of walnuts and looks proper on best quality firearms. This photos are notional, email or call for specific requirements and blank photos.
Quarter Sawn English Blanks
Quarter Sawn English Blanks
English Rifle $400
English Rifle $500
English Rifle $800
English Two Piece Blanks
English Two Piece Blanks
English Two Piece Blanks
English Two Piece Blanks

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